Thank you for considering Yellow Springs Music Co. as a choice for your in-home music lesson services.  Our prices are carefully determined to make music lessons affordable for our customers as well as offer our teachers a fair compensation for their quality instruction.  

We offer two simple, streamlined billing options.  

Option 1

$40/wk - 30 minute private lesson

$50/wk - 45 minute private lesson

$60/wk - 60 minute private lesson

Upon completion of each lesson, the customer will be billed the same week the lesson occurs.  This option is best for students that have a busy schedule and require a flexible week to week option.  The beauty of this option is that it lets the customer pay for exactly each lesson that is taught and nothing more.

Option 2

$140/mo. - 30 minute private lesson (4 lessons a month)

$180/mo. - 45 minute private lesson (4 lessons a month)

$220/mo. - 60 minute private lesson (4 lessons a month)

This option delivers an exceptional value for students that intend to faithfully complete their weekly lesson.  Subscriptions are charged on the 1st week of each month, giving our customers an exact amount they can budget their music lessons to.  Whether you cancel a lesson or complete all of your weekly lessons, your bill will be the same each month. 



At Yellow Springs Music Co. we understand that both students and parents can have scheduling conflicts arise over the course of a week.  In this case we ask that you provide our teachers with at least a 24 hour notice of a lesson cancellation.  If we receive a message before the 24 hour mark you will not be charged for the lesson and the teacher will contact you regarding scheduling a make up lesson on a different day and/or time of the week.   

Likewise, if your teacher cancels a lesson for any reason, you will be given a credit for the exact amount of the lesson.  Your teacher has been made aware that you have opted for weekly lessons and is expected to be at your home every single week, consistently.  We track cancellations closely as we expect our teachers to consistently complete all scheduled lessons.


We are happy to answer your questions.   

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